Hammda Disaster Management Cell (HDMC) under the new leadership has envisaged Disaster Management as the most important area of work, so as to build the local capacities of the most vulnerable communities in order to cope with the localized disasters. The new vision (see Disaster Management Policy) of HDMC work entails the following;

*Building, enhancing and strengthening the present Disaster Management Capacity Structures of the HDMC at the Grassroots level.

*Identification of the Most Vulnerable Districts and creating the HDMC presence in those areas.

*Equipping the Disaster Management Structures in terms of human, technical and material resource
*Increasing the Integration of the HDMC Programs for reaping effective results at the ground.

*Improved Coordination Among the Local Partners at the National and at the grassroot level to avoid duplication of effort.                                



Disaster Management is the core area of work of the HAMMDA FOUNDATION. Besides natural disasters to which our country is prone to, we now suffer from many man-induced disaster situations, which is a fall out of situation along our western borders. The HDMC has set accordingly priorities (see HDMC Program Priorities) of Disaster Management.

The HDMC works auxiliary to the government and supplement its efforts in providing humanitarian services to the most vulnerable, in line with the fundamental principles of humanity without any discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, religion, class, color, creed, gender or political opinion.

Disaster Preparedness encompasses two major components i.e. software and hardware activities. In software support it includes trainings at community levels aiming to enable the local community and volunteers to cope up any disaster situation within the area. These trainings include basic Disaster Management Skills that are deemed necessary for success of community based disaster preparedness. HDMC uses Disaster Management (DM) tools to better initiate the activities in the vulnerable communities. Such as, HDMC uses vulnerability and capacity assessment (VCA) in the context of disaster preparedness. Other trainings include Community Based First Aid Training (CBFA), Composition of Local Disaster Preparedness Teams, Community Awareness Sessions, Community Based Risk Reduction Trainings, Simulation Exercises etc.

Disaster Preparedness hardware support covers small mitigation projects in vulnerable communities, establishment of Disaster Management Cells at vulnerable districts with technical, human and material support. It also includes maintenance of minimum stock level of relief stores at all the time, communication and team of volunteers to respond immediately to any disaster situation.

In Disaster Response our immediate concern is to provide relief including Shelter, Food and medical assistance to the disaster affectees to enable them to resume their normal daily life independently. Our response mechanism works from National down to community level.


your Donations can change the lives of many.

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Pakistan Flood Response Plan: (2010)

   HAMMDA FOUNDATION is rushing aid to thousands of Pakistanis who barely survived one of the worst  flooding in the nation's history.


    After the worst flooding in Pakistan in living memory, HAMMDA FOUNDATION is leading an emergency response to help thousands of weary survivors throughout Pakistan recover and rebuild their lives.

More than 18 million people have been affected by the floodwaters, and more than 4.9 million are homeless.

By providing shelter and hygiene kits containing plastic sheeting, bed mats, soap, kitchen supplies, water purification tablets, rehydration salts and covered buckets to store water, HF is assisting many suffering Pakistanis to survive. HF is also hiring residents in cash-for-work programs to make them stand on their own feet again. With your help, HF will continue to make a difference for the people of Pakistan.

your Donations can change the lives of many.



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